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From: chip ster
Subject: Gentle SeductionGentle Seduction
By OzmarkWARNING: If sex between two consulting adults of the same sex is illegal or
not acceptable where you are, please skip over this story.You're such a young thing. I, on the other hand, am an experienced
lover. But that's what you said you were looking for when I read your
e-mail. When I responded, you said we should meet, that you wanted me to be
your teacher. And now we are together.Gently, I slowly remove your clothes and lay you on the bed. I climb up
and lay beside pedoland 12 yo
you, holding you to me as we passionately kiss, our tongues
tangoing in our mouths.Breaking the kiss, I slowly kiss and lick my way across your cheek until I
finally reach your earlobe. While I run my hands lightly across your
chest, as I suck and nibble on your earlobe and then nuzzle into your neck.After a while I leave your earlobe and start kissing and licking my way
down your neck, stopping to suck on your Adam's apple, asian pedo nudist
before making my way
onto your chest. I keep licking and kissing my way down your chest until I
reach your sensitive nipples, which I start licking, sucking and nibbling
on. All the while my hands are roaming over your body, feeling every inch
of you, but purposefully not going anywhere near your rigid cock and alt pedo stories aching
balls.As I continue to suck and nibble on your nipple, I reach over and start to
play with your other nipple, hearing you moan with pleasure as I do.Eventually I leave your nipples and continue licking and kissing my way
down your chest, stopping for a few moments to explore your naval with my
tongue. Before I get too close to your waiting, dripping cock I slide down
the bed and grabbing one of your feet, start sucking on your big toe as if
it were a mini cock. Licking it and running my tongue all around it and
pumping it in and out of my mouth. Next I slowly start to lick and kiss my
way up your foot, then your calf and little pedo young
then the inner part of your thigh.Instead of going for your cock again, I then work my way back down the
other leg until I am sucking on your other big toe. Slowly, I start
licking and kissing my way back up your leg and this time I make sure that
I am licking and kissing your russian baby pedo inner thigh. When kids nude pictures pedo I reach your balls, I
slowly start to lick them with the broad part of my tongue, getting them
well soaked in my spit. Lifting your legs I start licking that spot between
your crack and your balls, and then slowly lick your balls until I reach
the base of your cock. I then go back and start again, licking your balls
from that spot between your balls and your crack to the base of your cock.
This time, I start to lick my way back, but stop and suck your 13yo xxx pedo balls, pedo cunt fuck one
at a time, into my mouth and softly lick them all over, before letting them
slip from my mouth and starting on the other ball.Finally I reach the base of your cock again and this time I slowly start to
lick up the underside of your thailand child pedo rigid cock. When I reach the ridge of your
cock head, I slowly lick around it with the tip of my tongue and then make
ever-smaller circles until I reach your leaking piss slit. On reaching
your piss slit, I start to probe it with the tip of my tongue, trying to
get at the pre-cum that is leaking from it. Then puckering my lips, I kiss
the tip of your cock head and slowly, slowly, slowly start to take it into
my mouth, my tongue darting all around it licking hardcore illegal pedo and tasting your
manliness. Inch by inch and millimetre by millimetre I take your cock into
my mouth, until I have most of it and my nose is near your pubic hair and I
can smell your manly musk.Then I slowly start to pull back until only your cock head is still in my
mouth. little pedo kdz porn
I suck pedo illegal teen as hard as I can and cause the head of your cock to rub
against the roof of my mouth for a few moments before I finally let it slip
from my mouth. I quickly slick up one of my fingers before taking kids nude pictures pedo the head
of your cock back into my mouth. Then I reach down and find your puckered
ass hole and gently start inserting the slicked finger into it. Next I
start to mimic the action on your cock with the finger up your ass, so it
is almost like your cock sliding in and out of my photo pedo mouth is the finger
sliding in find pedo porn and out of your ass. I make sure I find your prostate gland and
rub it every time my finger slides into your ass.Faster and faster my head bobs up and down as I suck on your pre-cum
leaking cock, my finger sliding in and out of your ass in time with it. My
hand fondles your balls and I sense that you are close to shooting the load
that has been building since I started making love to your wonderful body.
I feel your balls start to pull up to your body and shortly afterwards you
arch your back and shoot wad after wad of your creamy man spunk into my
waiting mouth. Your ass clamps down on my finger making it hard to keep
sliding it in and out.Finally your cock stops shooting your creamy load into my mouth, goes limp
and slips out. pedoland 12 yo I slide up beside you and give you a hot passionate kiss,
sharing the cum that you gave me as we kiss.Breaking the kiss, I roll you onto your hands and knees, so that I can have
better access to your hot ass. Licking and kissing my way down your back,
I finally reach the start of your ass crack and slowly start licking along
your crack from your back to your balls. pedo boys 10 ru I flick your balls with the tip
of my tongue before I start licking my way back to your waiting love chute.When I reach your waiting pictures pedos rape ass hole, I start licking all around it. I place
my lips over it and start to suck and lick it causing it to open to my
ministrations and soon my tongue starts to probe your love hole slicking up
my fingers I slide one, then two and finally three into your ass and start
to stretch you in preparation for taking my cock up your waiting love
chute. Finally you are ready and I slick up my cock. I place the head of
my cock against your waiting hole and gently push so that you know it is
there and about to enter you. I slowly increase the pressure until
finally, with a sort of a pop, my cock head slips past your sphincter and
is inside you. I pause for a few moments to allow you to get used to
having me inside you. Slowly I start to slide further inside you, stopping
every few moments and pulling back just a little, to let you adjust to my
cock being in your ass.Finally you feel my pubic hair brushing against your ass as I reach bottom
and am fully sheathed by your ass. Again I pause to let you adjust to
having my full 7" in your ass, then I slowly start pulling back until
finally all that is left in your ass is the head of my cock.After a moment I start pushing back into your hot clutching hole and
commence fucking your hot ass. In and out my cock slides. Slowly at first
but I increase the speed slowly. The broad head of my cock is brushing
against your prostate gland with each stroke and you are moaning with
pleasure as I slide my cock in and out of your love chute. hentay pedo
The speed
increases slowly and soon I am really pumping my cock in and out of your
ass. I start to pound your ass with my cock, sliding it in faster and
harder so that you can really feel the fucking that I am giving you.
Faster and harder I pound your anxious ass until finally I reach the point
where I can hold back no more and with a load grunt I bury my cock deep in
your ass and shoot wad after wad of my man cream deep into your waiting
love hole.Exhausted, I slump onto your back forcing you to collapse little nude russian pedo onto the bed, my
cock still embedded in your, now, well-worn ass. We lay there, me on your
back, kissing and catching our breath. Eventually my cock softens and
slips mafia russian sex pedo from your ass. I slide back down the bed and start licking the cum
that is leaking from your ass. My tongue probes as deep as it can,
reclaiming as much of my cum from your ass.When I have as much as I can get, I slide back up the bed and embrace you
and kiss you passionately, sharing the cum and juices from your ass in a
deep kiss.We continue holding each other and caressing each other's body as we both
drift pedofile pictures
off into a sex-induced sleep, in preparation for the next time.There is so much more for me to teach, so much more for you to learn.This is my first posting...I'd love to hear what you think. My pedo lesbian teens e-mail
address is

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